What is IPTV App or APK Rebranding?

neutro iptv player after rebranding

IPTV App Rebranding is a process which is useful for the IPTV Providers/Resellers. Everyone who is selling the IPTV Services want to sell it with his own brand name to get great success. There are too many apps available in the market which can be used to play IPTV and here we are talking about a really cool, awesome and charming app “Neutro IPTV Player”.


Neutro IPTV Player works with Android devices like Android TV/Box/Firesticks etc and completely free to use.


Note: We don’t provide any type of streaming content. You can add your own portal which will be provided by your iptv provider. We don’t have any responsibility whatever you visit on your side. You watch your own content.


So in this IPTV Player Rebranding, we will change the Name of our app to your service name, customize our logo, internal background image etc.

Most important, how your user will login in the rebranded app?

We will provide you the rebranded app where your users will be just able to login using username and password only. And what about the portal? 

We will either integrate the portal inside the app which will not be visible to anybody.

Another great option is about a web panel. We will provide you a web panel where you will be able to add portal URL/remove it/update it remotely. And yes, multiple portal URL’s are also possible with “https” support.

In case of multi-DNS/portals Renranded Neutro IPTV Player apk will automatically detect the correct and working portal address one the bases of username and password.


So, how to get your rebranded app? Just click here to get stated.