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IPTV App Rebranding is a process that helps IPTV Providers and Resellers. People who sell IPTV services want to use their own brand name for success. There are many apps to play IPTV, and we’re talking about the Neutro IPTV Player app.

Neutro Player is a cool app that works on Android devices like Android TV, Box, and Firesticks. It’s free to use. 

Disclaimer: We don’t provide any type of streaming content and have no any type of connection to any streaming provider. It is just a media player and does not support any illegal streaming activity.

We will change the app’s name to your service name, customize the logo, background image, add the intro video and also remove the portal address/dns from the app to login with username and password only.

Yes, it supports all kind of Android Tv, Firestick, Box, Smartphones etc. Basically it runs on Android OS and it was buid for providing best experience on Remote Controlled devices.

Yes, after rebranding, your users will not have to enter portal url or dns. Just enter username and password only.

Yes, you will get a website panel where you can change/add/remove it anytime. You can test the panel here:

Yes, it supports both http and https.

Yes, you can provide the rebranded app to unlimited users.

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