What is IPTV App or APK Rebranding?

neutro iptv player after rebranding

IPTV App Rebranding is a process that helps IPTV Providers and Resellers. People who sell IPTV Services want to use their own brand name for success. There are many apps to play IPTV, and we're talking about the "Neutro IPTV Player" app.

Neutro IPTV Player is a cool app that works on Android devices like Android TV, Box, and Firesticks. It's free to use.

Note: We don't provide streaming content. You can use your IPTV provider's portal. We're not responsible for what you visit. You watch your own content.

In IPTV Player Rebranding, we change the app's name to your service name, customize the logo, and the background image.

How will your users log in?

We give you the rebranded app. Your users can log in with a username and password. About the portal:

We integrate the portal inside the app (hidden) or provide a web panel. The web panel lets you add, remove, or update the portal URL remotely. Multiple portal URLs with "https" support are possible.

If you have many portals, the Rebranded Neutro IPTV Player app finds the correct portal using the username and password.

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