Note: If you want to use our app just for streaming your provider content, It is completely free. This pricing is just for the persons who want to use this app with his service name.


Due to a large number of rebranding requests, we have decided to provide the REBRANDING of our app to limited IPTV Providers/Resellers. So please submit your details here, we will instantly check and let you know if you are eligible for the REBRANDING of our app. And you will also receive the pricing information in you mail box.

neutro iptv player after rebranding

These option will be available on Order of a rebranding app. And the panel to control your dns/portals remotely.

order options for neutro iptv player rebranding
multidns online neutro player portal controller

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can pay using PayPal.

Yes, you can pay using Bitcoins and all major currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dose etc. supported..

Yes buddy. It is mainly designed for big screens.

You will get your Rebranded app within 48-72 hours.

This is the direct link to download the app:

Have any other question? Mail to:

Our clients say

Wow! I was lucky to get the Neutro IPTV Player too early. My customers love this app so much. Thanks Neutro Player Developers for such an amazing IPTV player.
Hilary Leigh
After Version 4.0, this IPTV Player is on fire. And the Rebranding support where they provide the rebranded app within 48 hours, really fast.
Hall Read
Super fast IPTV Player with a really easy to use UI. Love the Simplicity of it.
Quintin Angus
The developers and Rebranding support team is really awesome and they resolve REBRANDING issues in record time. Now Neutro IPTV Player is the first priority for my IPTV Customers.
Jillie Tempest