How does Active/Activation Code works?

Active Code or Activation Code with Xtream Codes/Xtream UI API works in authentication of a user just by providing a single line code to make it easy to login for user.

What actually happen?

When user enter the Active Code to authenticate, it use an API to create the username and password in the xc/xui panel. These username and passwords are not visible to user but they are actually avaible to the Neutro IPTV Player and then it generally works like a simple connection with XC/XUI API’s.

How to test with your XC/XUI Panel?

We have tried to provide an sample api to test and get to know the working with your panel. It will be only working if your panel already have an Active Code option or we have a different method called Username Only method which can work with all XC/XUI Panels.

  1. Generate the Active Code in your panel.
  2. Put your portal url, port number and code according to the sample url.
  3. See the “api_activecode.php?code“, its name can be different for your panel so you will have to ask it to your developer or provider and then replace and test.
  4. For example, if that file/api name is “my_active_code.php?code” and Active Code is 88888888, so complete url will be like:

  5. Now you need to enter this url in the simple web browser using your smartphone or PC. 
  6. As a result if you get the proper username and password in return in a JSON format, then everything is fine, you are ready to proceed for a rebranded app with Active Code.
  7. If it doesn’t work, keep hit and trial on “my_active_code.php?code”, like replacing the “my_active_code” word with possible file name on your panel.

Now Send a message on our Telegram Username: @neutroiptvplayer (search it on telegram) with your active code api and we will start preparations for your rebranded app.

Here you can order the Rebranded App directly and upload the logo etc and DNS just after completing the payment:

Thank You

Neutro IPTV Player Rebranding Team