What is Username Only method in Neutro IPTV Player Rebranding?

Username only login method is just an alternative of Active/Activation Code method to authenticate or login a user inside Neutro IPTV Player Rebranded app with a single text string.

Why it may be useful?

It may be useful because less stress in login for users. Just put a single line and then rebranded app will automatically handle everything.

How will it work?

To make it working, you will have to generate the username and password for users keeping in mind that passwords should be same (enable the manual password creation from the security settings of your xui/xc panel if you are not able to create the same password).

Now you can send use that password to us while rebranding the app and then we will put that password already in the app and remove that password field. And just share only the USERNAME to the user (you can make it a little complicated/long to prevent anybody from guessing it). User will put the username and he will be successfully logged in inside the app with less hassle.

Now Send a message on our Telegram Username: @neutroiptvplayer (search it on telegram) requesting us for a Username Only Rebranded app and we will start preparations for you.

Here you can order a Rebranded App directly: https://panel2.neutroiptvplayer.com/plans

Thank You